Photos from Talis Park Guest House

Earlier this week I had the chance to revisit the Talis Park guest house to repair a section of the wood floor that was damaged during the ongoing construction.  It was kind of heartbreaking to see the floor damaged and have to start tearing it up.  But on the positive side, the repair came out very well and I was afforded the opportunity to get some pictures of the uncovered floor.


Black floor and white cabinet seems to be a pretty popular look lately. Definitely dramatic.

stair detail

Detail shot showing the wood floor installed against the stair tread and railings. A lot of precision cut detailed work to make this a smooth transition.hall

Handscraped hardwood flooring installation in upstairs hallway.


You can find more details of this installation on my recent work page.

Now to get some rest before starting a new install in the morning.  Good Night!

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