Deep Cleaning

Wood floor cleaning with the Dirt Dragon.

Our Dirt Dragon auto scrubber, with an intensive cleaning solution, will cut through and remove surface contaminants by vigorously scrubbing and drawing out the dirt.  Proven to remove household polishes and treatments such as Orange Glo, Oil Soap, Bona Polish, and other “refreshers” that can leave a hazy film on your floor.  By deep cleaning, we restore the original shine to your floor without altering the finish.

Deep wood floor Cleaning

Deep Cleaning with the Dirt Dragon

Effective for removing the haze left by products such as Orange Glo, Murphy’s Oil Soap, and other household wood floor polishes.  While these products may temporarily improve the look of your floor, they leave a waxy residue that will begin to smear and streak over time.  They may even become gummy and sticky.  This residue can be nearly impossible to remove by hand.

While it is best to avoid using these products all together, many people are unfortunately mislead by the aggressive marketing and store displays promoting these quick fixes.  Our specialized cleaning process quickly and effectively eliminates the problems that Orange Glo, Bona Polish, and other refreshers may cause.  We will safely and effectively bring your floors back to their original luster.

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