Floor Care Tips

With a little care and maintenance, your hardwood floors should give you many years of beauty, warmth and comfort.  Here are some general Hardwood and Laminate Floor Care and Maintenance Guidelines to keep your floors looking great, year after year. 

(Always refer to manufacturer’s instructions for product specific care and maintenance information.)

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Use walk-off mats at exterior doors and throw rugs to minimize tracked-in dirt and sand.  Keep floor mats clean.  Accumulated dirt, sand, and grit can act as sand paper when walked on and will abrade your floor’s finish.
  • Vacuum regularly with a brush attachment.  Avoid using the vacuum’s beater bar.  Sweep or use an untreated dust mop as necessary.  Do not use any household dust treatments. (i.e. Pledge)
  • Use a rug pad with any area rugs placed on your wood floor.  Choose 100% non-solvent based waffle type rubber, an untreated natural fiber such as wool or jute, or 1/4″ chopped urethane.  Do not use sticky or tacky backers which can degrade and discolor finish.
  • If rolling chairs are to be used on the floor, replace the chair’s casters with soft polyurethane casters. Hard plastic casters will abrade the finish over time.  Keep the casters clean of any accumulated debris.   Alternatively, place a rug with a felt backing or pad beneath the rolling chair.
  • Adhere felt pads to the bottom of any chairs or furniture that will contact the floor, especially items that will regularly slide on the floor surface.  Clean and check pads regularly and replace as they become worn, accumulate grit, or no longer adhere to the furniture.
  • Keep shoe heels in good repair, exposed steel in damaged heels can scratch and dent the floor.
  • Wipe up spills as quickly as possible.  Avoid contact with moisture.
  • Be aware that wood changes color with exposure to light.  Some woods react more than others.  Some get lighter, some get darker.  Use drapes to minimize exposure.  You may want to consider moving area rugs occasionally to keep a uniform appearance as the color changes over time.
  • Control the indoor temperature and humidity at all times.  Wood flooring is subject to dimensional change from variations in moisture, temperature, and humidity.  Use a digital thermo hygrometer to ensure that your home is being kept between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit and 30-50% relative humidity.


  • Use industry approved wood floor cleaning products, such as Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.  Avoid cleaners that claim to add shine, luster, or an enhanced look as these will leave a residue that will eventually dull the look of your finish and will prohibit recoating.  Do not use vinyl or tile floor cleaners.  Do not use any products containing oils or wax.  Damp mopping (near dry) with clean water is acceptable on most finishes, but avoid excess moisture.
  • When cleaning no longer restores shine, additional finish coats may need to be applied.  The frequency of recoating depends on the amount of traffic.  Please contact us for any advanced maintenance needs.